Ayatollah Khamenei calls U.S. Treasury ‘economic war room’

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Monday that the U.S. Treasury Department is “economic war room” against Iran.

“Now, they have focused on economic and cultural war and the U.S. Treasury Department is economic war room against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the Leader said in a meeting with laborers and entrepreneurs ahead of the Labor Day.

He added that economic war can be countered through reliance on domestic capabilities and capacities.

He also said that support for local manufacturers is the “best and most efficient way” to counter the enemies’ economic plots, because they have come to realize that they will achieve nothing through armed conflict.

“U.S. provoking certain ‘ignorant’ countries against Iran”

The Leader also said that another way that the U.S. has taken toward Iran is provoking certain “ignorant” and “heedless” countries in the region in order to cause clashes in the region.

“The U.S. makes efforts to provoke the Saudis and certain regional countries to confront the Islamic Republic. They should not be deceived by the U.S. if they are wise enough,” Ayatollah Khamenei suggested.

He added, “Certain regional countries should know that they will be defeated and harmed severely if they confront the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The Leader said the conflicts gripping the region are because of the U.S. presence, suggesting that the U.S. should leave the West Asian region.