Awards for Iranian Artists

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Active Image*Iran's Mohammad-Saleh Razm-Hosseini has been awarded at the first edition of Berlin's International Cartoon Competition.

Razm-Hosseini received the special award of the event, which was held on the theme of 'plagiarism.'

The competition's first prize went to Marcin Bondarowicz from Poland, while Turkey's Hicabi Demirci and Cuba's Aristides E. Hernandez Guerrero won the second and third awards respectively.

An international board of jury consisting Alexander Kamozin, Erdogan Karayel, Florian Balaban, Florian Doru Crihana, Huseyin Cakmak, Michael Rufmann, Nezin Danyal, Paul Gross, Rais Khalilov, Valeriu Kurtu and Willem Rasing judged works of some 180 cartoonists from 55 countries.

Active Image*Iran's Solitude directed by Mehrdad Sheikhan has been awarded at the 2010 Tiburon International Film Festival in the US.

The 10-minute animation shared the event's Best Short Animation Award with American filmmaker Michael Z. Huber's Offering.

Solitude recounts the story of a stone monster, living a lonely life on his barren stone planet.

Sheikhan's production has won numerous international awards, including the Best Animation Award of Italy's Malescorto International Short Film Festival for its balance between cinematographic style and technology and for the strong philosophical and existential message it conveys.

Active ImageIt has also been awarded at Italy's 2008 Matita Film Festival and screened at Spain's Marbella International Film Festival and Greece's Animasyros International Animation Festival.

The 9th annual Tiburon International Film Festival was held from March 18 to 26, 2010 in Tiburon, north of San Francisco.

*The Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory is slated to present a piece by young Iranian composer Mehdi Hosseini.

Taleshi Hava combines regional Iranian music with academic avant-garde rhythms and will be performed in a program dedicated to the memory of avant-garde Italian composer Luigi Nono.

The piece, written for bassoon and violin, incorporates traditional melodies of the northern Iranian city of Talesh.

Active ImageComposer and Ethnomusicologist Mehdi Hosseini learned the basics of music from renowned Iranian composer Farhad Fakhreddini in Tehran.

He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in composition at Saint Petersburg State Conservatory in Russia and has been a student of British composer Nigel Osborne.

Hosseini has written symphonic and chamber orchestra pieces for ensembles and soloists in various compositional genres. His works present a fusion of contemporary and ancient Persian music with a focus on regional melodies.

Symphony of Monody (2005), Varshan (2002), String Quartet N.2 (2007) and Hafez (2009) are among the 31-year-old composer's works.

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