Awards and Honors For Iranian Artists

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Active Image*Slovakia's International Festival of Theatre Schools, Istropolitana Project, has awarded Iran's Last Supper, directed by Ahmad Soleimanifar.

The anti-war play, which communicates with the audience “through modern theatrical practice”, received the Audience Award of the biennial.

Written by Mohammad-Reza Kouhestani, The Last Supper was a representative of Iran's Arak Azad University, which competed with 17 other works from around the world.

The works were judged by an international jury consisting of Patrice Pavice, Mark Ravenhill, Buz Luhrmann, Dora Vicenikova, Fernando Gomez Grande, Gerald Lidstone, Oleg Tabakov, Szilvia Huszar Patrice peafowl, Mark Ravenhill, Buz Luhrmann, Dora Vicenikova, Fernando Gomez Grande, Gerald Lidstone, Oleg Tabakov and Szilvia Huszar.

The 2010 edition of Istropolitana Project was held from June 18 to 23, 2010 in Bratislava. The festival aims to promote student works and encourage innovative and different approaches towards theatrical staging and interpretation.

Active Image*Canada's Kay Meek Center has held a ceremony to honor the internationally-acclaimed Iranian actor, Ezzatollah Entezami in the city of Vancouver.

Held on June 25, 2010, From Fore-Stage to Big-Screen, honored the 86-year-old actor for his seventy years of extraordinary artistic and humanitarian achievements.

The event premiered ...And the Blue Sky, a documentary on Entezami's life and work directed by Ghazaleh Soltani and produced by Qasem Qolipour.

Historical documents and photographs were also displayed during the ceremony.

Graduating with a degree in theater and cinema studies from Germany in 1958, Entezami has worked with many renowned Iranian filmmakers including Darius Mehrjui, Ali Hatami, Nasser Taqvaei, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Behrouz Afkhami and Rakhshan Bani-Etemad.

He received the Golden Hugo award of the 1971 Chicago International Film Festival for his brilliant performance in The Cow directed by Mehrjoui.

Entezami was honored by the Iran Cultural Center in Paris in 2006 and by UNESCO in 2007.

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