Attack on IRGC threat to world peace

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mohammad Khatami has urged US thinkers and academicians to prevent hardliners from attacking Iran and adding to the regional crisis.

Citing reports that the Bush administration intends to take military measures against Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the former Iranian president noted the dangers of such an initiative were incalculable for the world and the American people too.
"In contrast to the warmongers, wise and just figures in the US know that the Revolutionary Guards have roots in the faith and hopes of a nation to establish sovereignty, security.

"No nation can tolerate any insult or aggression against a force that protects its dignity , independence, rights and values", added Khatami. He warned that any action against the IRGC would deepen Iran's present great mistrust of the US.
He noted that the the region is already in deeply critical circumstances and with Iran and the US now discussing Iraq, negative and irresponsible messages regarding the IRGC would benefit no one.