Artificial Skin Produced in Iran

Monday, May 26, 2008

Researchers at Amir Kabir University of Technology have produced artificial skin at laboratory scale.

Referring to area of body skin and possible damages to it, Dr. Hamid Keshvari noted that many studies have been carried out in various countries, including Iran, to produce artificial skin and other substitutes for normal skin.

He added that the research carried out at Amir Kabir University of Technology aimed to both meet patients’ demands and be acceptable from aesthetic viewpoints.

Implementer of the research study noted that substitute skin is made of silicon as matrix. “Then acrylic acid is introduced by means of laser. After this phase, collagen and a skin polymer are simultaneously used on silicon matrix.”

The researcher added that “cellular and animal tests have been carried out successfully using this method, which would result in more rapid wound healing, so that, in a species of rat, skin healing took place in one week, which was more rapid than witnesses.”

Keshvari stated that the polymer and collagen content of the artificial skin can be changed in proportion and this will pave the way for adapting the artificial skin to conditions of patient’s skin.

“We are planning to optimize human tests by using stem cells and fibroblasts through one or more research studies, so that, artificial skin would improve in quality before human tests are started,” he said.

Previous tests have shown that skin substitute will greatly enhance immigration of dermal cells to wound site.

The most important superiority of artificial skin substitutes is that they can be used in full-thickness wounds and result in natural skin performance in early stages and skin formation after rehabilitation, so that, it won’t be different from normal skin around the wound.  

In addition, there is possibility of producing diverse types of skin for various skin damages.

Also, in view of studies carried out thus far, the substitute can be used as a scaffold in the future to engineer new artificial skin.

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