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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Abdolreza Khalili 

Behind-the-scenes scenario of Fitna:

A new round of insulting Islamic sanctities has been launched by Western circles and media an example of which was production of the anti-Islamic film, Fitna, by a radical Dutch politician, Geert Wilders. The 15-minute film was put on a British website and introduces Islam as the enemy of freedom and promoter of terrorism.

Although the Dutch government and some other statesmen and international organizations denounced the film, it is sure another part of a Zionists' scenario to desecrate Islamic sanctities.

Speculation about motivations behind new political and propaganda approach taken by Western countries seems necessary in the light of current global developments because it would help clarify domestic, regional, and international policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and prevent radicalism and extreme reactions.

At the same time, if decision-making authorities lost control, sympathetic, but ignorant groups may have the initiative and give unknown dimensions to such a scenario which may only benefit its Zionist protagonists.

Speculation about desecrating sanctities

1.    Preventing transformation of the West

During past years, some church officials have continuously warned against Islamization of the West and have described Islam as a threat to European identity. Some Western officials, including the Americans, have expressed concern over Iran’s activities in the Christian Latin America (which they consider as their country’s backyard).

Therefore, the sole solution to prevent transformation of the Christian world is to sow religious discord between Christians and Muslims. It seems that the new round of sacrilege against Islam pursues this goal. But how they expect sacrilege to prevent transformation of the West?

Desecration of Islam is one of the most important tools used to deepen the rift between Muslims and Christians and this can be accomplished in several ways.

A)    Encouraging Islamophobia among Christians: By encouraging Christians to hate Muslims, religious unity and consolidation could be fostered among followers of Christ. Claiming that Quran supports terrorism and attributing terrorist acts in the United States and Europe to Muslims in the Dutch film, can be viewed from this angle. Meanwhile, the Western politicians have probably counted on possible reactions from Muslims which can further spread hatred of Muslims among Christians.

B)    Creating temporary unity among Muslims: At first, it may seem that church leaders are trying to foster unity among Christians alone. However, another flip side of this coin is that by encouraging Muslims to unite against Christians, the gap between the two groups would be further widened.
Due to these reasons, Western media have greatly highlighted desecration of Islamic values and have given wide coverage to Muslims’ reactions. This aims to spread protests across the Islamic world and bolster unity among Muslims, which in turn will make Christians more consolidated and prevent transformation of the Christian world.

Also, insulting Islam should not reduce West’s containment process of Islam. Therefore, Western propaganda is contradictory in trying to prove that Western countries have been and have not been involved in insulting Islam. In this way, they want to regulate the response of the Islamic world to those insults.

1.    Covering protests by some Western, including Dutch, officials to insults against Islam: This will cause the world public opinion not to blame the whole West for insulting Islam and, thus, will regulate the response of the Islamic world.

2.    Enacting a play adapted from the insulting anti-Islamic novel written by the apostate writer, Salman Rushdie, in Germany on March 31, 2008: It seems that Western politicians and policymakers are trying to blunt reactions of Muslim countries in the face of insulting measures taken by Denmark, the Netherlands and other Western countries, including Germany. Repetition of such measures is a way to let the Islamic world know that it is not faced with one or two Western countries, but it has to face the whole West.

Encouraging unity among Muslims to prevent transformation of the Christian West is done in an on and off manner and their first priority is to sow discord and fan the flames of religious differences between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

Insulting Islam also helps to consolidate the Christian world in other ways:

Firstly, Zionist authorities and media hope that insulting Islam would cause violent reactions from Muslims such as insulting Christian Holy Scriptures, which would enrage the latter against Muslims, thus bolstering unity and solidarity among Christians.

Secondly, insulting Christian sanctities would pave the way for more pressures on Muslims in Europe and the United States. This is a way to prevent more Western citizens from converting to Islam. Therefore, the measure taken by an Iranian nongovernmental organization in making a film about holy book of Christians is a measure in line with Zionists’ policies.

Thirdly, the main reason for conversion to Islam is the logic used by Islam and Islamic teachings in giving answers to people’s questions in all ages as opposed to inability of distorted and superstitious teachings of other religions to do the same. It seems that Western politicians aim to prevent this aspect of Islam from coming to the fore by insulting its holy values and intensifying religious tensions.

Fourthly, the Zionist lobby has always used Christians as a tool to achieve its goals in the world, especially with regard to Muslim world. It is clear that presence of the American and European armies in Muslim countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere across the world only serves, at least, oil interests of the Zionist lobby in Western countries which is in charge of the biggest financial, industrial, and commercial entities of the world. Therefore, to create, maintain, and deepen a wide gap between Muslims and Christians would be the most important prelude to instigate followers of Christ against Muslims by the Zionists.

2.    Diverting world public opinion from Israel’s crimes in Gaza, Lebanon

Although, under current circumstances, the gap between Muslims and Christians would serve church leaders (who are concerned about spread of Islam in the Christian Europe and subsequent transformation of that continent), the effect of such sacrilegious acts in diverting the world public opinion from what is going on in Gaza Strip, Lebanon, and the occupied lands of Palestine should not be overlooked.

The Islamic world has recently witnessed assassination of Imad Mughniyah (a senior military commander of the Lebanese Hezbollah) as well as other crimes by the Zionist regime in the occupied land. Therefore, it is natural for anti-Semitic sentiments to be on the rise among Muslims.

Reuters reported on March 14, 2008 that US State Department had issued a report noting that the main feature of the new wave of anti-Semitism was criticism of Zionism and Israel’s policies, which had intentionally or unintentionally, led to prejudgments against all Jews. Therefore, according to that report, all Jews were blamed for what Israelis were doing, thus, giving rise to unprecedented anti-Jews sentiments in the region.

After assassination of Imad Mughniyah, secretary-general of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Seyed Hassan Nasrollah, announced that he would launch a borderless war against Israel and this has greatly worried the Zionist regime and its allies. Therefore, Israel and its strategic ally (the United States) have been prompted to take serious military and political measures against Hezbollah.

Under these conditions, fanning the flames of religious tensions among non-Jews could be considered a good means of diverting the public opinion in the Islamic world from the above developments and to soften anti-Jewish sentiments. It can also be a means to dissuade Hezbollah from putting its recent threats into action.


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