Ambassador Soltanieh's Statement Before IAEA Board of Governors

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Statement by H.E. Ambassador A.A. Soltanieh Resident Representative to the IAEA before the Board of Governors 4 June 2013

In the Name of God
The Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished Colleagues,

At the outset, I have to express sincere appreciation of my Government for the indispensible sustainable support of the family members of Non-aligned Movement as echoed in this meeting. Undoubtedly, perseverance on our inalienable right for peaceful uses of nuclear energy and resistance in spite of pressures, sanctions, assassination of our dear nuclear scientists, and threats of armed attacks, prevents application of the same scenario in other developing countries specifically those members of the NAM. We do not let unjust policies and approaches of few western countries be imposed on the Agency. The Islamic Republic of Iran has paid heavy price for commitments to and no compromise on the fundamental principles enshrined in its constitution. No concession on inalienable right for peaceful uses of nuclear energy including uranium enrichment is a clear example.

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Permit me to commemorate the anniversary of the demise of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the late Imam Khomeini, I want to share with you his thoughts and viewpoints on nuclear weapons. This short relevant quotation shows his crystal clear condemnation of a dangerous arm which would destroy the human race:

„ ... If they continue to make huge atomic weapons and so forth the world may be pushed into destruction and major loss will afflict the nations.

Everybody, wherever he is, the writers, intellectuals and scholars and scientists throughout the world, should enlighten the people of this danger so that the masses of people will stand up vis-à-vis these two powers themselves and prevent the proliferation of these arms. …

After ten years of political debate on Iran’s nuclear activities which has technical nature which has created confrontational environment, has jeopardized so called Vienna spirit, and has polarized Member States, it is high time to change the trend.

The latest report of the Director General gives the following clear message to all:

a- Iran is master of enrichment technology;
b-  Iran’s nuclear activities including enrichment continue without any obstacle;
c- Iran has new technological achievements specifically the design, manufacturing, testing , and operation of the advanced generation of centrifuges;
d- Iran has made great progress in manufacturing high standard components of the Heavy Water Research Reactor of Arak, IR40, and the process towards completion of construction is successful continued; Please note that the patients struggling with cancer are main beneficiaries of the radio- pharmaceuticals to be produced by this reactor, which few western countries are insisting to stop its completion under the pretext of illegal UN Security Council resolutions.
e- Iran is successful in the rest of nuclear fuel cycle inter-alia uranium exploration, conversion, and fuel fabrication. However according to the report of DG there are no reprocessing activities in Iran;
f- All nuclear activities of Iran in 16 nuclear facilities and 9 related locations (LOFs) are under full scope safeguards according to comprehensive safeguards agreement (INFCIRC/214);
g- No evidence of diversion of nuclear material and activities  to military purposes are found;
h- The Agency is able to continue its verification activities in Iran without any impediment.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished delegates,

Based on the above facts reflected in the detailed report of the Director General, one could easily conclude:

1- Iran has not yielded to pressure to suspend its nuclear activities devoted to peaceful purposes.

2- Sanctions have targeted Iranian patients and not centrifuge machines since all components are manufactured in Iran, therefore sanctions have had no effect in reducing activities. On the contrary political pressures and sanctions have strengthened the determination of Iranian nation in benefiting from undeniable right for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Therefore those few western countries which have kept the file opened have to cope themselves with the realities on the ground, come out of the illusions and to take the following urgent steps for amicable sustainable solution:

1- To recognize Iran’s right for uranium enrichment. As the Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran enlightened in March 2013:

"The Americans do not want to reach a solution through nuclear negotiations. If the Americans want to resolve the nuclear issue with Iran, the solution is easy: they should acknowledge Iran’s right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes"

2- To stop engagement of the UN Security Council dealing with the technical file of the IAEA on Iran’s nuclear energy;

3- To stop hostile measures including sanctions;

4- To come to the negotiating table, in the context of talks between Iran and 5+1, with constructive approach and with full committed to the principles of mutual respect, equal footing and step by step reciprocal approach without further delay. In this context I have to express concern on disappointing statement made by distinguished Ambassador of Germany on behalf of EU3+3 or 5+1.

5- In the meantime I advice the Secretariat to distance itself from political debates between Iran and parties concerned and to merely focus on its technical mandate. I reiterate that the Secretariat has no mandate to deal with suspension of enrichment or sanctions, the nuclear policy or dimension of nuclear activities of Iran. In this vein the Secretariat should not get involved in the politically motivated allegations such as so called possible military dimensions beyond its technical safeguards practice. The Agency has a clear mandate to verify the nuclear material or activities declared by Iran. It has to conduct safeguards activities in an impartial and professional manner, based on nuclear material driven safeguards and not based on information received from intelligence services as well as terrorist groups associated with them, under the pretext of “open sources”.  During the past decade the Secretariat has not facilitated resolve of the debates and misunderstandings among Member States but in some cases has complicated the situation. Reports has not differentiated the legal obligations from voluntary measures, it has also not made distinction between the NPT safeguards obligations and the specific political requests, though illegal, by the Board of Governors and the UN Security Councils, thus has increased confusions and even in some cases fueled the tensions among Member States.

6- If proposed positive steps are taken I am sure that Iran will be in position to take further voluntary steps in order to remove ambiguities on some remaining issues which of course are beyond the scope of the comprehensive safeguards agreements.

Mr. Chairman,

The result of our comprehensive review of the report of Director General (GOV/2013/27) is reflected in an explanatory document which will be formally sent to the Director General this week and will be available as INFCIRC document. Therefore I do refrain from reading it out due to time constraint. However in response to some statements including the opening remark by the Director General I shortly inform the following:

I agree with Director General that we are going around in circle in dealing with modality or Structured Approach for resolving allegations, so called “Possible Military Dimensions”. Why? Who should be blamed for?

The answer is straight forward:

a- It seems that the Secretariat has not yet recognized the fact that in the talks on structured approach one side is a sovereign Member States with all legitimate security concerns where the other side is the Secretariat of an international organization with a defined mandate to fully observe the security of Member States and to protect confidentiality, in accordance with the statute.

b- It is impossible for Iran or any other Member States to deal with the IAEA on allegations against it without receiving the relevant documents regarding the alleged activities. The text proposed by the Agency with 9 months delay regarding the delivery of documents related to the claimed activities in the Annex of report of DG in November 2011, was accepted by Iran in spirit of compromise. Surprisingly this text was reopened by the Agency team during last meeting between Iran and the Agency on 15 May 2013.Therefore Iran should not be blamed for the prolongation of talks and going around in circle.

c- Despite of the fact that Iran has no legal obligation but Iran has accepted to deal with the PMD. Therefore we have accepted to negotiate on a modality, so called structured approach, so that the implementation will be smooth and effective. No action could be started unless the framework is agreed upon. In order to prove our political will we have not objected the list of items proposed by the Agency to be dealt with including Parchin since we started our talks. I have to inform that during our talks in February 2012 in Tehran, before concluding a modality in order to show our good will, we informed the Deputy Director General that Iran is prepared to grant access to the location that the Agency claimed high explosive test has been performed in Marivan in the same day and in addition to grant access to Parchin in the following week. But surprisingly the team informed us that the DG did not accept these generous offers.

Therefore all noises are with political motivation aiming at damaging our cooperation with the Agency. We have proved in several occasions that all allegations on possible military dimensions were baseless and false. I recall that following inspection made in Parchin in 2004 and 2005 the former Director General reported that the Agency “did not indicate the presence of nuclear material”.  I advise the Secretariat and few western countries to stop their political destructive statements and let us continue our talks in professional manner in a quite atmosphere. I declare that as soon as the Agency accepts our justified legitimate position expressed in proposed languages during the last meeting in Vienna on 15 May 2013, thus the modality is concluded then Iran is ready to give access to Parchin in accordance with the modality.

d- Regarding the DIQ for the IR-40, I have to protest the non-constructive opening statement. The Design Information Questioner (DIQ) of the Heavy Water Research Reactor is already delivered to the Agency voluntarily about ten years ago. Although we do not have obligation to give access to the site, since we are not applying the modified code 3.1 of the subsidiary Arrangement, the Agency receives the latest updated information through continuous inspections. I strongly advise not to disappoint us of voluntary cooperation including granting access to IR-40.

Mr. Chairman,

In conclusion I declare that all nuclear activities including uranium enrichment in Iran are exclusively for peaceful purposes and as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has in several occasions declared that nuclear weapon is religiously forbidden and thus it has no place in our defense doctrine. Iran is committed to the NPT and its obligations under the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (INFCIR/214). Iran considers resolutions of the UN Security Council illegal for the legal reasons which I have already thoroughly elaborated in the Board of Governors. The Great Nation of Iran shall never permit anybody to deprive its present and future generations from the inalienable right for peaceful use of nuclear energy. I have to put on record that Iran’s nuclear policy is a national issue with national consensus.

Thank you for your attention.