A Valentine for All Seasons

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Analysis sent to IR Site 

This Valentine - February 14th, 2008 to be exact - hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people gathered in the Beirut suburb of Rweiss not just to mourn the martyrdom of Imad Fayez Mughniyeh, but - as Caroline Glick of The Jerusalem Post has correctly noticed - to celebrate his life’s work.

Writing for The Jerusalem Post, there is no doubt that that Caroline finds herself at no liberty to say anything good about Imad Mughniyeh, she in fact stops short of calling Imad Mughniyeh the mastermind of WWII pearl harbor attack.

The Jerusalem Post sure wants us all to believe that Imad was a terror master, but what it does not want us to ask is that, WHY hundreds of thousands of people in Lebanon braved the bad weather of Thursday to actually join the celebrating ceremony of the life’s work of this allegedly terror master? Did they really have nothing better to do on Valentine?

Let us for a moment assume- just as the Zionist propaganda machine wants us to believe- that Imad Mughniyeh was actually a terror master and as Yaakove Katz of Jerusalem Post’s with his childish picture tries to suggest, also believe that he was the mastermind of TWA Flight 847 hijacking of June 14, 1985 .

Hezbollah has always denied culpability in the TWA Flight 847 attack & the fact that Lebanese Hezbollah was not even officially founded back then supports this claim, but Yaakove’s picture was called childish because there were in fact 2 hijackers on board the TWA Flight 847 whom were identified by FBI as Mohammed Ali Hammadi and Hasan Izz-Al-Din, so unless Yaakove can prove FBI wrong, the man circled in red by him, must be either one of those 2 hijackers or (quite probably) someone else Photoshoped in the picture by him! But for the sake of this discussion let us just assume that Imad had masterminded the hijacking, in this case, is it not a FACT that the list of the demands of the hijackers of TWA Flight 847 was: (a) The release of all 766 Lebanese citizens transferred to Israel in conjunction with Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon, (b) International condemnation of Israeli military activity in southern Lebanon (c) Condemnation of the CIA’s March 8, 1985, car bombing in the Beirut suburb of Bir al Abed which had killed 80 people? (Was it really a CIA bombing? People in Beirut believed so and we don’t know the actual answers anyway but what we do know is that the last thing CIA has ever officially took some sort of responsibility for, was the Bay of Pigs disgrace).

With their list of demands more close to Human Right activists than Terrorists, it will not be that surprising to mention that the hijackers of TWA Flight 847 were calling themselves “The Organization for the Oppressed of the Earth”.

There was 153 passengers and crew on board the TWA Boeing 727, but unlike the CIA-trained Al-Qhaedeh Terrorists, members of the Organization for the Oppressed of the Earth never thought of crashing their jet into anything.

There was surprisingly in fact, no civilian casualties & the only fatality of the incident was US Naval Petty Officer Robert Dean Stethem who was among the passengers and most probably tried to be a hero in the wrong time in the wrong place.

So FIRST Israel attacked Lebanon & while retreating, took 766 Lebanese civilian as their prisoner, THEN “The Organization for the Oppressed of the Earth” took 153 American & Western European citizen’s on board the TWA Flight 847 to Lebanon as some sort of bargaining chips & negotiated with Israel till Israel released over 700 captured Lebanese who were taken prisoners just because they were Lebanese and Imad Mughniyeh allegedly mastermind all these!

So was Imad Mughniyeh as people like the former head of Israel's Mossad, have recently stated : “…one of the most dangerous terrorists ever on Earth” or was he “…such great men in seeking freedom and fighting cruelty, that should make the Lebanese people proud for giving him to the world” as the Iranian Leader has put it.

I honestly do not know Imad Mughniyeh, but from what we can learn in the Israeli papers, there is no doubt that Both Caroline Glick and Yaakove Katz would join the hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people who gathered in the Beirut to mourn the martyrdom of Shahid Imad Mughniyeh and to celebrate his life’s work if they were themselves from Lebanon too.

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