3rd Nations Culture Festival held in Ferdowsi University

Thursday, April 27, 2017


158973.jpgThe third Nations Culture Festival has been held in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad for three days with the presence of foreign students coming from 21 different countries.

This festival wants to increase the information of the visitors and participants about cultural varieties and national foods and not only to strength and deepen the friendship between the students of different nations but also to introduce different traditions and tastes.

Dr. Mohammad Kafi, Dean of Ferdowsi University had a speech in the opening ceremony of the 3rd Nations Culture Festival among the ambassadors, foreign guests and also provincial officials.

“The first mission of an international student after entering to university is to study and then there is the issue of living for several years in a country. We have to be able to provide an atmosphere for students to feel confident and can share their identity and culture. The main objective of this festival is that international students be able to introduce their traditions, foods and way of clothing’s. So the purpose of such festivals is to create a basis for friendship among different nations and acquaintance of Iranian students with other countries culture and identity,” he stated.

“When I was in the United States I studied a few languages because I like to learn foreign languages but when I discover Farsi I got very interested in culture, history, poetry and Persian language. I choose Ferdowsi University because of three reason; my family helped me, I heard that FUM is very strong in Persian literature and for my major it was good and because I’m Muslim and I choose Mashhad because of the beautiful Emam Reza (AS) holy shrine,” Benjamin Kwiecien, the only American student at FUM told in an exclusive interview to ISNA reporter in this Festival.

“This is really great cultural Festival and the university put a lot of effort on it and the theme, peace and friendship, is really important because we have university student from different nations from all different countries including united states so I have to try as much as I can to help friendship between people of Iran and united states,” he added.

This festival held at a time when Mashhad is chosen as the cultural capital of Islamic world and this chance can be useful for introduction of Mashhad city as well as empathy among all the nations in region and world. This festival can introduce great capacities of Mashhad and Iran to the world by showing Iran as a capable country. It also can strengthen and improve more relations among nations.

*Source: ISNA