200mcm/d gas exports envisaged

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Iranian Ministry of Petroleum envisages increasing the country’s share of global gas trading to around 10% under Iran’s Vision Plan 2025.

Natural gas exports for Iran, which is rich in this source of hydrocarbon, have always been significant and prioritized. The significance of natural gas exports is on the rise in light of political, economic and security issues. During the first five decades following the establishment of National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), the focus was on domestic development; therefore, gas delivery to neighboring countries was overshadowed.

The startup of Phase 11 of South Pars gas field during the tenure of the 11th administration helped bring Iran’s gas output to 800 mcm/d. As a result, 92% of Iran’s 80-million population is currently connected to national gas network. Now that the domestic gas supply network has been developed Iran plans to raise its low share of global gas trading to 10% by 2025.

Sitting atop the largest gas reserves in place in the world and taking into consideration environmental concerns have pushed neighboring countries to envisage receiving gas from Iran. Over recent years, negotiations have been held with neighboring countries for gas supply to them. Iran is planning to raise its share of global gas trade and increasing gas exports to regional countries lies within this framework.


*Source: theIranProject