1st Volume of Encyclopedia Islamica Is Published in London

Monday, May 26, 2008

The first volume of the great Encyclopedia Islamica has been published in London in English.

The Encyclopedia Islamica is being compiled under supervision of Professor Wilfred Madelung, the famous scholar on east and Islamic studies with Dr. Farhad Daftari as chief editor.

The encyclopedia is being published by Brill Press in the Dutch city of Leiden by a group of Iranian and non-Iranian experts on writing encyclopedias.

Clifford Edmund Bosworth, Harman Landet, Seyed Sadeq Sajjadi, Ahmad Pakatchi, Reza Shah Kazemi, and a group of editors, translators and young researchers cooperate with Dr. Daftari at the Institute of Islamic Studies in London.

Dr. Seyed Kazem Bojnourdi has been quoted as saying that the first volume of the encyclopedia comprises 220 articles in about 600,000 words in 900 pages, each page in two columns, in addition to addenda, preface, index and other related tables of content. Three volumes of this great work have been, thus far, translated into English and English translation of other volumes as well as Arabic translation is underway.

Researchers on encyclopedias, especially Encyclopedia Islamica have noted that this is the second specialized academic Islamic encyclopedia in the history of Islamic studies in the world and has taken different approaches as compared to its European counterparts; approaches which are mostly stemmed in the cultural nature of the Islamic world.

Professor Wilfred Madelung, the famous scholar on east and Islamic studies who holds a doctorate in Islamic studies from Hamburg University and teaches at big universities of the world, has not only conducted extensive studies on Islamic thought, sects, and denominations, but is also a member of the Institute of Islamic Studies in London, which is headed by Dr. Farhad Daftari.

Being a scholar on Ismaili Shiite denomination, many works of Dr. Farhad Daftari have been translated into Persian by Fereidoun Badre’ei and he is currently cooperating with Ismaili section of the great Encyclopedia Islamica and is chief editor of that section.

Researchers maintain that translation and publication of this great work into English and its publication by a creditable British publisher will be a watershed in the field of the Iranian and Islamic culture as well as the field of encyclopedia writing.

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