1st Female Aerospace Specialist to Streamline Air Fleet

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The first female graduate of aerospace doctorate course in Iran is to implement a research plan to streamline the Iranian air fleet.

Farzaneh Sharafbafi, the first female graduate of aerospace doctorate course has noted that aerospace is a new field of science.

“Iran has been facing shortages in terms of resources and good teachers, but due to steps taken in the past 20 years, the situation has greatly improved,” she noted.

She added that aerospace is a subspecialty of mechanics which deals with design, manufacture and maintenance of airplanes, helicopters, satellites, missiles and so on.

“The course was established in Iran in 1987 and students were admitted in 1989. At present, graduates of this course have taken major steps with regard to design and manufacture of satellites and ballistic missiles, helicopters and other military advancements,” she said.

Sharafbafi stated that aerospace graduates also work on passenger planes.

“Maintenance of planes is a major concern for the country and graduates of this course have been able to bring about great changes in the country’s potentials in this regard,” she noted.

Sharafbafi further noted that her thesis is about useful life of planes because planes are worn out in the course of their service time and small cracks appear on their fuselages which would make flying less safe.

 “Graduates can help automobile industries with regard to aerodynamic properties of their cars. However, since the field is relatively unknown in the Iranian industries the graduates are not used properly,” she said.

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