“A Few Steps” Away from Resolving the Nuclear Issue

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that Iran is only “a few steps” away from resolving the nuclear issue.

Rafsanjani said, “Over the past few days, negotiations between Iran and the UN nuclear watchdog have become more serious.”

He added, “Iran has moved along a peaceful path so far.”

"Now that Iran’s representative is holding talks with them (Western countries), they should not make threats because threats make Iran more determined."

He underlined the importance of negotiations as the only way to find a solution to the nuclear dispute.

“They should hold talks to see where Iran deviated (from the peaceful pursuit of nuclear technology). Up to today, they have failed to find even one document proving Iran’s deviation,” Rafsanjani noted.

The former Iranian president added, “If their objective is resolving the nuclear issue, Iran will resolve it through negotiations, but if their objective is adventurism, they can rest assured that their fate in Iran will definitely be worse than (what happened to them) in other places they invaded.”

He asserted that Iran is committed to its agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

“Since we have signed the (August) agreement, we have committed ourselves not to move toward nuclear weapons, and our actions in this issue are completely peaceful.”

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