Āmeri House - Hotel Wins Top Lighting Award in 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The winners of the Lighting Design Awards 2016, one of the world’s most prestigious honours, have been announced in a red-carpet ceremony on Thursday May 5, 2016 at a spectacular ceremony at the London Hilton Park Lane.



The Night of Heritage Light (NoHL) by the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL)has been named the Heritage Project of the Year at the Lighting Design Awards on 5th May.



Judged by prominent figures within the lighting industry, this award recognises the effort and expertise of the Society’s members and the many partners who supported NoHL.


On 1st October 2015, the SLL lit 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites (including Āmeri House or Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Kashan) in celebration of the International Year of Light. Each site was allocated a design team, led by an SLL member. The event was also supported by just under 50 partnering organisations.


In the same category and highly commended was Australian War Memorial by Steensen Varming, Sayner Huette Foundry by Freundeskreis Sayner Huettea and Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel by APV Architectural Lighting Design. Also shortlisted was Derby Cathedral by James Morse Lighting Design and York Art Gallery by Arup.



The Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Kashan has been shortlisted in the heritage project of the year category of the highly-respected Lighting Design Awards 2016.



Restoration of the spectacular cultural heritage site – which is operating as a museum of architecture and craftsmanship –  began in 1993 and the hotel opened last year.



The lighting concept was to create a ‘jewel of night’, highlighting the distinctive architectural and decorative motifs, while allowing visitors to appreciate the volume and depth of the 800-year-old protected building. The emphasis was on seamlessly integrating the lighting throughout the spaces and using indirect light where possible. Linear LED light with beam angles between 25 and 60 degrees provide uplighting for both external and internal spaces.



Each building has internal garden courtyards surrounded by decorative walls. Using light, the water feature in each courtyard became a mirror, reflecting the illuminated Iwans, the three-sided vaulted spaces common in Persian architecture.



The highest structure, the Badgir – a natural air-vent system used for cooling the spaces – was illuminated from the inside to create a lantern effect, using LED projectors.



The Āmeri House also known as "Khan-e Āmeriha" or house of the Āmeri family is a historic house in Kashan, in Isfahan Province, in Iran.



It was built during the Zand era for Agha 'Āmeri, the governor of Kashan, who was responsible for maintaining the security of the route between Tehran and Kerman.



After 15 years of revival and restoration Āmeri Mansion in Kashan, Iran, has been converted  into a hotel, restaurant and cafeteria for tourists from Iran and all over the world.


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*Photo Credit: CIBSELux Review, Fars News AgencyISNACHN

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